Bioento’s Bio-R is an ambitious urban recycling and composting programme where we offer customized containers for the process of recycling and composting in record time. Bio-R containers are mini-farms placed on the client’s site. Our Bio-R containers are odourless, with an impacting presence, esthetically attractive and cohesively sustainable.
A pioneer solution in Europe.

Retail food stores recycling

Retail food stores have a huge problem with their organic waste on a daily basis. This needs to be taken care of being a big issue in terms of waste accumulation, storage and costs. Our Bio-R programme brings immediate solution at all waste managing levels.

Urban Composters

Traditional urban composting requires people participation and to secure the final compost, the process is very slow.

Bio-R’s main benefits vs traditional composting are:

1 – Speed

2 – Higher compost production compared to the traditional way.

3 – Improper elements are separated from the organic waste.

4 – Marketing incentive programmes can be incorporated for individuals.

5 – Great media impact.

6 – Environmentally clean and energetically sustainable

7 – Reduces garbage removals in cities and fosters a circular economy in each neighbourhood and district.

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