Innovation withthe power of nature

Bioento Farm is a sustainable and circular economy business where high value bioactive products are generated.

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Our history

Bioento is a biology, biotechnology, bioeconomy and green employment company that bases its activity on the elimination of by-products and organic waste using insect larvae.
We create valuable products such as proteins and lipids for animal feed and natural fertilizers also, bio-stimulants for agriculture.
We develop our activity by adapting our systems to the industrial scale that is necessary in each case, without environmental impact, in a totally sustainable way and within the purest Circular Economy.
We provide a totally natural solution for the total elimination of organic waste from which we obtain valuable products.

Innovation with the force of nature.

Understanding that the changes that are taking place at all levels modify previous paradigms and open a new horizon of business opportunities. Bioento was created to achieve, intervene and occupy a place as a relevant actor in the new business niches that are opened by regulatory changes of all kinds, new customs and ways of life.


Our mission is the elimination of by-products and organic waste using insects, in this way we generate high-value bio-active products for animal feed and ecological fertilizer for agriculture.


Apply a real and profitable Circular Economy model leading the elimination of by-products and organic waste with insects.

To be a reference in the animal feed industry, and in ecological fertilizer and amino acids for agriculture.

Develop our activity in a way that respects the environment, providing competitive advantages in the sectors with which we collaborate.

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