Organic Waste

We work for different sectors that share the same problem and need similar solutions.

We totally eliminate by-products and organic waste within the Circular Economy.


Agriculture and Livestock

In our Implant model we can generate new income for farmers and ranchers in each case.


Public Sector

Our solutions combined with others such as biogas, cogeneration, green hydrogen, solar energy or biodiesel achieve the highest efficiency and effectiveness in relation to the total waste elimination.



With our Implant model, in addition to the savings in dehydration or drying of sludge and sludge, we can generate new income for the management company with our shared CAPEX system


Olive Sector, Vineyards and Breweries

With our Implant model we propose savings and new income for olive oil, wine, beer producers and oil mills in each case


Food Manufacturing Industry and Groceries Stores

Our system accelerates the inclusion of the food industry in the Circular Economy and in the worldwide objective of zero waste.

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